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Trips & Tours

Midsomer country is not only beautiful and inspiring, but it is also huge!!  You could easily take a whole week, possibly even two, if you really wanted explore everything that Midsomer has to offer, but that is not possible for most people. We have therefore developed a wide range of tours and experiences for you to choose from, and there is literally something for everyone – with prices starting from just £5 per head.
Full details of each tour option will be on the site in the next couple of weeks, but they will include
  • Guided Walking tours
  • 1-2 hour river trips from Henley on Thames
  • Half / Full day River Trips, which can be combined with a Classic Midsomer Road trip.
  • A week in Midsomer by River
  • The “Four Causton’s” tour
  • A full range of road trips throughout Midsomer – ranging from 2 hours to a full day, numbers from 4 to 45 can be accommodated.
  • The “Midsomer Racing” Experience
  • Midsomer Vineyards and Brewery Trips

We are totally flexible and can bespoke pretty much any combination of tour / experience that you can imagine! Send us your ideas and we will get back to you!!

As an example, our 2 hour MM river trip, lunch, 4 hour road trip, followed by the Midsomer Brewery to end the day (with supper and Morris dancing) is already proving very popular!!

Our latest Trips and Tours are listed below:

Midsomer By Boat

Spend a relaxing week on the beautiful River Thames taking in the sights and sounds of 9 Midsomer villages and 30 different filming locations. Start and finish: Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire.

BOOK A BOAT: www.hobbsofhenley.com
PROVISIONING: Deliver direct to the boat through your favourite supermarket or large Waitrose in Henley

View the full trip here (PDF opens in a new window)

Launch Day

Hobbs of Henley launch their Grand River Cruiser “Midsomer” on the River Thames at the Henley Business School – which featured as the Belvoir Gym and Health Spa in “The Flying Club” – Series 16, 2014.

Sir Steve Redgrave, Olympic legend, and one-time Midsomer actor, did the honours, unfortunately the weather did not play ball!!